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Monday, May 6, 2019

ABC. It has been 32 years since Solomon Montesinos saw in satellite remote sensing a business opportunity to improve the management of aquifers, farms and geological resources. Its systems and algorithms he has developed already reach countries such as Mexico, Peru, Australia or Angola.


Countries where Geodim works


Quantification of groundwater extractions


We are deans in remote sensing techniques, digital image processing and geographic information mainly applied to the fields of water, agriculture and geology. Our uniqueness was that we took these techniques out of the academic context to bring them into an operational context, in which we tackled real problems at a reasonable cost.

Another peculiarity is that we are a small company, almost family, in which 85% of the turnover in 2018 came from outside Spain, what allows us to address projects around the world. It is a business model in which we rely on other small companies and going with them as a cluster, which gives us a tremendous specialization. They are small companies working in very specific fields that alone probably would not leave Spain. The crisis in Spain has produced an atomization, very bright people between 40 and 60 years who have set up micro-businesses to survive and what they have is spectacular. What we have tried is to join these wills.

A third singularity that I would like to highlight is that we work in a medieval tower of the 10th century in Maluenda (Zaragoza), which we have restored.

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