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The mapping of agricultural land damaged by weather using remote sensing technology has been widely studied, mainly applied to large areas.

The estimated damages at plot level have not been enough studied due to its complexity and the need to work with high-resolution data.

Each crop type has certain peculiarities to tackling a useful methodology for estimating physiological damage caused by drought or frost.

SM GEODIM has estimated at plot level, frost and drought damages in citrus crops:

  1. Elaborating a methodology based on satellite images to estimate the damage to citrus crops by drought, developing selection criteria that can generate a statistical classification of the data from the image for a damage gradient under lack of irrigation conditions.
  2. Analyzing the feasibility for estimating frost damage to citrus crops through the use of Very High resolution satellite images.

The availability of free Landsat 8 images enables new damage estimation operational applications using vegetative monitoring of pastures and crops in large areas (districts or provinces) to detailed scale.

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