Detection of Illegal irrigation

The second greatest pressure over the ecologic state of the EU (in 16 member States) derives from the excessive extraction of water (Water Blueprint, 2012).

The special characteristics of satellite images make them a unique tool to detect, in real time, irrigated exploitations without administrative authorization.

Especially efficient is the integration of satellite images with the plots included in the Register and Catalogue of Private Waters of a basin.

In this context, satellite images are useful to carry out the control of the exploitation regulation, as well as to detect the exploitations without administrative authorization, allowing the Guard Service to visit the exploitations, when crops are still in growth.

In the work carried out in the Upper Guadiana Basin, during July and August 2002, a total of 775 plots were visited, within the overexploitation perimeters, covering more than 10,500 Km2.

The Remote Sensing analysis over last years has allowed defining the irrigated surface existing in the Underground Water Masses (MAS) and the frequency of irrigation at the plot scale.

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