Remote sensing is a powerful tool in studying geology. The ability to obtain information from any part of the Earth, joins the ability to acquire satellite imagery and multispectral stereoscopic.

In the Landsat satellite series, the initial design, joined the band 7 (2.08 to 2.35 microns) per request of the geological community, due to the differential spectral response of the materials in this spectral range.

Special mention of radar images in the microwave region, allowing us to obtain geological information in areas with persistent cloud cover and cover wide (tropical).

In 1995, S. Montesinos defended the doctoral thesis "Methodological development for mapping erosion risk in the Mediterranean area, using satellite remote sensing techniques and GIS" held within the project Study of erosion and sedimentation Processes using satellite data (1988-1990) in European Framework Program.

This study, effective today, developed and implemented a methodology based on the potential of satellite remote sensing for mapping the risk of water erosion in arid and semiarid areas.

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