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Natural recharge of aquifers

Monday, April 13, 2020

The book written by Professor Custodio: ““Recarga natural a los acuíferos, metodología y soporte de la isotopía del agua. Aplicación a la planificación hidrológica y conocimiento de las aguas subterráneas en España / Natural recharge to aquifers, methodology and support of water isotopy Application to hydrological planning and knowledge of groundwater in Spain”, is now available on line

This book is a conceptual and methodological review of the assessment of natural recharge to aquifers and their status in Spain. The book is about what we know about how groundwater reserves are replenished through recharge processes. It focuses on the complex phenomenon of natural recharge, its processes, the methods for its study and analysis, as well as how this knowledge has been applied to hydrological planning and estimation in specific cases in Spain. An extraordinary cast of experts has completed these descriptions, delving into facets of this field of knowledge, the advancement of which has allowed the collective intelligence on the phenomenon to be taken further.

We have had the pleasure and privilege of participating and reviewing the chapter on "Other methods of evaluating natural recharge", where the evaluation of recharge is analyzed from the fluctuation of the water table and temperature. A brief introduction to geophysical methods is provided and emphasis is placed on the significance of fluctuations in Earth's gravity. The use of satellite methods is considered in relation to the recharge evaluation.



Links of interest:

Hydrogeological, environmental, economic, social and ethical aspects of groundwater reserves consumption in Spain. 2015: 1-488. ISBN: 978-84-9880-690-8

Groundwater salinization in Spanish Mediterranean and island coastal aquifers. 2017: 1-852. ISBN: 978-84-9880-687-8


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