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National Congress of Irrigation and Drainage in Mexico

Monday, October 8, 2018

From October 15 to 18, 2018, the 4th National Congress of Irrigation and Drainage, COMEII 2018, will be held in Aguascalientes (Mexico).

In a scenario of climate change, the economic impulse of the Mexican countryside requires an strategic planning, which finds its main limitation in the irrigation water, which accounts for 70% of total consumption in a country with 130 million inhabitants and where 126 aquifers are overexploited.

The main Mexican institutions of research and higher education in agriculture, such as UAA, IMTA, UACh, COLPOS, INIFAP, UNISON, BUAP and UAEH, as well as the governmental institutions CONAGUA and SAGARPA, participate in the congress.



Dr. Salomón Montesinos teaches the conference entitled: The application of remote sensing techniques and geographic information systems in the field of precision agriculture and irrigation management. In it, the latest advances are presented, already implemented in the Mexican field, for the improvement of grape quality and water saving in the production of corn in overexploited aquifers.



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