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Luis Cañas and SMART Viticulture

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Luis Cañas starts from the premises that “only the best grapes can produce the best wines”hence his perfectionism with his vineyard.

With about 1,100 plots, spread over an area of 200 square kilometers, the monitorization of factors such as vegetative development, stress or the vines balance are essential to get the quality grapes commensurate with the level of excellence achieved by the wines of this winery.

In Luis Cañas Cellars, each wine has its own personality, telling his story and conveying to its origin from earth, its varieties, its climate and its own character.



SMART viticulture techniques help to repeat good experiences and to avoid those not so good by tracking and monitoring done in each plot.

Bodegas Luis Cañas is one of the reference wineries of the Rioja DO in Alava. In 2014, it was named "Best Spanish winery of the year" thanks to the quality of its wines and its evolution, passing in only 30 years, of being a modest winery of young wines in Villabuena de Álava, to being considered one of the more relevant and consolidated wineries.

Since 2009, Bodegas Luis Cañas uses the SMART methodology to improve the knowledge of its 450 hectares distributed in more than 1100 plots.

In 2017, Luis Cañas launched a new project, based on the SMART methodology, to understand how the different winemaking processes influence to obtain the desired aromas for each of its wines. To this end, they will develop personalized indicators of viticulture that allow to predict the potential aromas that can have their grapes once elaborated.

These indicators allow you to understand how plant balance, vigor and stress affect the quality and aroma of the vintage. These processes are spatially characterized at agronomic level. The obtained results by the winemaking technicians will improve the strategic decisions of the winery like thinning, harvesting and zoning with qualities and similar potential aromas.



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