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Frutinter, SMART solution

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Frutínter is a family business that was born in the 50s, dedicated to the production, marketing and distribution of citrus, mainly orange and tangerine, as well as melon, watermelon and various seasonal vegetables. With headquarters in Vila-Real (Castellón), it has a production plant of more than 22,000 m2 which are covered.

In Frutínter, there is an interest to incorporate all technological innovations, betting on good agricultural practices in the production of fruit, by the incorporation of new techniques, by international quality standards, in addition to adopting sustainable business practices with the environment.

The production of oranges and tangerines comes from 500 hectares of own plantations, as well as from associated producers. More than 1200 hectares, where mime and respect for fruit converge, with food safety and the most advanced processes.



Frutínter also has plantations complementing the national production and diversify the offer. Its products are daily present in Poland, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, the Baltic States, Canada, the Middle East and Central America.

In recent years, the Valencian citrus sector, where 70% of Spanish production is concentrated, is suffering a crisis that translates into almost 30,000 hectares of abandoned citrus in the Valencian Community during the last decade. Frutínter understands that the Valencian citrus sector needs to modernize and change its paradigm. For this reason, through the Frutínter chair of the UPV, we are going to implement the SMART methodology in Las Pedrizas farm. It is the first time that this methodology, internationally recognized, is fully implemented in citrus, with the challenge of improving the size of the fruit, reducing the consumption of nitrates and water and, avoiding the diffuse contamination of the aquifer.


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