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CoopHuelva implements SMART Methodology

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Andalusian Cooperative Society 'Costa de Huelva' (CoopHuelva) and our partner Verde Smart, have signed a agreement to apply the SMART methodology in the management of its inputs in the production of fruit (water, fertilizers, phytosanitary).


Foto: Agrodiario Huelva 

With the implementation of this project, CoopHuelva seeks to “implement in a personalized way the most advanced precision agriculture technology in the cooperative processes to improve decision making”.

The goal is to record each positive or negative experience and from this learning, encourage communication and teamwork to promote good practices.

The methodology to be used in 'Costa de Huelva' combines field data with plant, climate and soil sensors, with climatic predictions that learn from the microclimate of each farm, remote sensing and different computer tools (GIS, DSS ...) that simplify and facilitate the management of technicians and encourage learning.

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