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Agroinnovation in Costa Rica

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Verde Smart/Geodim and Asesoría Agrícola, have been selected by the Ministry of Agriculture of Costa Rica (MAG) as technological partners for the AGRINNOVACIÓN project, which seeks to improve the productivity and sustainability of the agricultural sector in Costa Rica, through tools of precision and added value to agriculture.


Within the framework of the project, technologies will be used with the aim of having new metrics that improve diagnosis in daily activity. The objective is to change the visit to the farmer, which currently has a very intuitive component, for visits with "diagnosis", where the MAG technician has quantitative values, obtained from the integration of technologies such as remote sensing, personalized weather forecasts, field sampling , etc., that allow you to make management decisions based on objective data.

The project works with farmers who are the leaders of change, so that they are an example that agriculture can be a profitable business that is compatible with respect for the environment. The project wants to advance in the transformation of agri-food systems and the strengthening of the resilience and sustainability of livelihoods based on agriculture and food. In addition, actions that have a clear potential to assist the most vulnerable populations will be prioritized, particularly in rural areas, towns and small cities.

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