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Santa Rita and SMART Agriculture

lundi, août 31, 2020

For more than 50 years, Viveros Santa Rita have been producers of pecan walnut plant in Montemorelos (Mexico). During all these years, its objective has remained unchanged: "To produce plants with the highest quality standards, supporting the transfer of technology to walnut producers."

Viveros Santa Rita is the most important company dedicated exclusively to the cultivation of pecan walnut (Carya illinoensis, Wang K. Koch), from its sowing, growth, graft with improved varieties, sale and distribution throughout Mexico.

Its commitment to quality has led them to implement a monitoring network with sensors in the field and DAI (Derived Agronomic Indices) from satellite, to improve decision-making on the management of the nursery.

SMART Agriculture allows you to specify irrigation management, to follow growth trends, to focus work on overdue lots, to define inspection tours and comparisons of growth with other "typical" cycles and/or lots.

All information collected is available, at all times, online, by smartphone, computer or tablet.




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