Bodegas Fontana and SMART viticulture

lundi, juillet 1, 2019

Bodegas Fontana is a young and fresh project with a clear objective: to produce modern wines with an expression of their origin.

In the province of Cuenca (Castilla La Mancha) has 500 hectares of own vineyards, of which 350 correspond to the Tempranillo variety.



Luis Cañas and SMART Viticulture

mercredi, juin 19, 2019

Luis Cañas starts from the premises that “only the best grapes can produce the best wines”hence his perfectionism with his vineyard.

With about 1,100 plots, spread over an area of 200 square kilometers, the monitorization of factor...


Frutinter, SMART solution

samedi, juin 1, 2019

Frutínter is a family business that was born in the 50s, dedicated to the production, marketing and distribution of citrus, mainly orange and tangerine, as well as melon, watermelon and various seasonal vegetables. With headquarters in Vila-Real (Castellón), it has a production plan...


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