Frutinter, SMART solution

samedi, juin 1, 2019

Frutínter is a family business that was born in the 50s, dedicated to the production, marketing and distribution of citrus, mainly orange and tangerine, as well as melon, watermelon and various seasonal vegetables. With headquarters in Vila-Real (Castellón), it has a production plan...


Bodegas Calar and SMART viticulture

jeudi, mai 30, 2019

Bodegas Calar is located in the farm Montanchuelos, in the municipal term of Granátula de Calatrava (Ciudad Real, Spain), in the bank of Jabalón river. Its philosophy is based on low yields and neat cultivation, a careful elaboration, noble woods and a complete calm.

The S...


University and company together, we add more than two

lundi, mai 6, 2019

ABC. It has been 32 years since Solomon Montesinos saw in satellite remote sensing a business opportunity to improve the management of aquifers, farms and geological resources. Its systems and algorithms he has developed already reach countries such as Mexico, Peru, Australia or ...


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