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Martín Berdugo, future agricultural projects

mercredi, avril 22, 2020

While many jump on the trendy bandwagon, incorporating indiscriminately apps, drones, sensors and any other new technology that appeared, Martín Berdugo designed his winery with tanks to be able to differentially vinify, installed a unique waste treatment system, based on Nordic technology and prepared his vineyard to be able to apply the new technologies.

Now, on the vine rows of the Martín Berdugo farm, traditional irrigation drippers cohabit with humidity probes, nutrition sensors or dendrometers. All of them have their mission and their reason for being.

If things have changed for the vineyard, at the office too. Now, the common spreadsheets and field notebooks have been replaced by Geographical Information Systems (GIS), WebGIS and Decision Support Systems, which allow access and visualization of what and how it happens on the farm.



Click on the image to see the press release prepared by Martín Berdugo.



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