Floods Monitoring

Floodings are one of the natural disasters that produce more victims in the world. In the twentieth century more than 3 million people died for this reason, this represents more than half of casualties by natural disasters in the world.

Floodings are the natural disaster with greatest impact on lives and properties. In the Iberian Peninsula there are 1400 points suffering periodical floodings.

Public Administrations must have tools for the detection of these events, but also to improve the understanding of the relationship between flow and flooded area.

Earth Observation techniques may help in the different stages of the flood management, from prevention to the normalization of the situation once the event has happened.

The main characteristics of this technique are:

  • Global coverage. It is possible to obtain information of anywhere in the world.
  • Data availability. There are many satellites currently in orbit capturing images regularly. This data availability increases if, in anticipation of the event, image acquisition is programmed.

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